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Activies Recreational activities at Keeree Waree and its neighborhood

If you do not wish to go out on a long drive, what can you do at Keeree Waree? We would like to recommend that our guests go to visit Luang Poo Muang Shrine to observe the local ceremony of paying respect to the late Venerable Luang Poo Muang, and the nearby shrine that is dedicated to the local guardian spirits. The local villagers of Ban Krood often go there to present black coffee, drinking water, and flowers or sweets to the late Venerable Lung Poo Muang. They also offer drinking water and sweets to the San Ta Yai ( Shrine for the “Grandfather and Grandmother” or the local guardian spirits), in order to be blessed with personal fulfillment.

If you wish to enjoy another type of natural atmosphere, you may take a walk to the back of the resort, where you can see a big canal full of water lilies of various vibrant colors, which are in full bloom every morning. Buffaloes and egrets always come to frolic there. It is an ideal spot to sit down to read your favorite book with a cup of coffee, either in peaceful solitude or with a company. For visitors who come with their families or a bigger group, we have prepared a lawn where you can enjoy a barbeque party or other open-air activities together.

Our guests may take a swim in the sea or enjoy swimming in our toxic-free salt water pool. You can sit back and enjoy sun-bathing in a lush green environment full of local plants and trees, as we are fully committed to the conservation and living with nature in a balanced manner.

Keeree Waree offers many fun activities for our guests regularly, such as the arrangement of morning alms-giving ceremonies, art lessons, and other creative activities for families or participants of group meetings and seminars. For the interested guests from public and private organizations, we will be pleased to locate for your groups educators or guest speakers, or coordinate with the local communities or schools to arrange joint activities that are beneficial for the local communities, such as global warming reduction activities, mangrove reforestation projects and others.

Program 1: For Guests who stay for two days and one night at Keeree Waree
Day 1
06.30 hours Departure from Bangkok
09.30 - 14.30 hours Visit Sam Roi Yod National Park, the first national marine park inThailand; Tham Praya Nakorn Cave and Khuha Karuehaad Pavilion; the smallest royal pavilion in the world, which is one of the new Unseen Thailand tourist attractions;Sam Roi Yod lotus pond to observe water birds and vegetation; Lunch at Sam Roi Yod Mountain
16.00 hours. Arrival at Keeree Waree/Welcome drinks Take a bicycle ride around the resort or the beach, or take a foot spa or a body massage at Keeree Waree Spa
19.00 hours. Barbeque dinner
Day 2
06.30 –08.00 hours Breakfast/check out
Option 1
08.20 hours Departure for the pier to go to Koh Singh and Koh Thalu Islands
09.00 –15.00 hours Enjoy snorkeling to see the corals around Koh Singh and Koh Thalu Islands/ Lunch (Lunch boxes provided)
15.00 hours Departure for Bangkok
Option 2
08.30 -13.30 hours Visit Mount Thong Chai to see the Mahathatchedi Pakdeeprakaat Pagoda, Kittisirichai Buddha Image, and Prince Chumporn Shrine; Take a boat to Koh Ramra Island to enjoy snorkeling to see the corals/ lunch (lunch boxes provided) at Koh Ramra Island
14.00 hours Departure for Bangkok

Program 2: For Guests who stay for three days and two nights at Keeree Waree
Day 1
06.30 hours Departure from Bangkok
09.00 hours Visit Wat Huay Monkol Temple to see the statue of the venerable Luang Poo Tuad, which is the largest statue erected in his memory in Thailand.
10.30- 14.00 hours Visit King Mongkut Memorial Park of Science and Technology at Wa Kor, which is the largest open-air memorial park in Thailand.
15.00 hours Arrival at Keeree Waree/Welcome drinks; Visit Visit MountThong Chai to see the Mahathatchedi Pakdeeprakaat Pagoda, Kittisirichai Buddha Image, and Prince Chumporn Shrine
16.30 hours Bicycle ride along the beach
19.00 hours Dinner at the Clubhouse
21.00 hours A night boat ride to go squid fishing
Day 2
06.30– 08.00 hours Breakfast at Keeree Waree
08.20 hours Travel to the pier to take a boat to Koh Singh and Koh Thalu Islands
9.00 -15.00 hours Snorkeling to see corals around Koh Singh and Koh Thalu/ Lunch (Lunch boxes provided)
17.00 hours Back to Keeree Waree/Relax with body spa, body massage, or foot spa
Day 3
06.30 -09.00 hours Visit the local market/Present food to the monks/Breakfast/Check out
09.00 -15.00 hours Take the historical route to visit Wat Tham Keereewong Temple or Tham Ma Rong Cave, Old gold mines at Bang SapanLunch at Ao Mae Rampueng Bay or Ao Bueng Thonglang Bay; Visit Mom Chao Sitthiporn Kridakorn Musuem at Bang Berd to see the records of the pioneering work in modern agriculture of Prince Sitthiporn Kridakorn and his wife, Mom Sripromma; Visit Bang Berd Sand Dune, the oldest and largest sand dune in Thailand to see the nature conservation activities under H.M. the King’s personal development project, such as the conservation of sand dune forest;Take a walk along the forest paths to study various kinds of vegetations and wildlife;Buy products from the Royal Project such as essential oils and virgin coconut oil.
15.00 hours Depart for Bangkok

Example of Community-related activities for visiting companies/organizations
Day 1
11.00 -12.00 hours Arrival at Keeree Waree Resort/Welcome drinks/Lunch
13.00-16.30 hours Welcome ceremony by community representatives; Plant trees and plants in the mangrove forest areas with members of the local community; Or clean up Ban Krood Beach with school pupils/ present gifts (books, and others) to the local school
16.30 hours Back to Keeree Waree/ free time/ relax with spa programs
18.30 hours Barbeque dinner at Keeree Waree
21.00 hours Squid fishing
Day 2
06.30– 08.30 hours Breakfast
08.40 hours Enjoy Snorkeling at Koh Singh and Koh Thalu Islands (until 15.00 hours) or at Koh Ramra Island(until 13.00 hours)/ Lunch (Lunch boxes provided)
15.30 hours Back to Keeree Waree/ Leisure time/Massage and spa treatment/ Bicycle ride
18.30 hours Dinner/Karaoke
Day 3
06.30 hours Alms-giving ceremony on the beach. Keeree Waree will prepare food and other offerings for our guests to present to the monks. (Please notify us in advance.)
07.00 -09.00 hours Breakfast at Keeree Waree
09.00 - 12.00 noon Travel to Mount Thong Chai to see the panoramic view of the surrounding sea and mountains; Visit Wat Thang Sai Temple to see the Mahathatchedi Pakdeeprakaat Pagoda; After coming down from the mountain, take a bicycle ride along the beach to buy souvenirs to take home.
12.00 noon Return to Bangkok

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